I entered the wrong shipping address!

Let us know at orders@sheshredsmag.com. If the item is returned to us in the mail for having the wrong address, we will confirm with you and will just have to charge for the additional shipping for the second attempt. If you have given us the wrong shipping address and the item is lost indefinitely and never returned to us, we can not offer a free replacement. 

I received the wrong size / product / product was damaged. 

Please snap a photo of the product you received (including size tag if applicable) and email it to orders@sheshredsmag.com. If you can include your order # listed in the Shopify confirmation email, that is helpful. We will coordinate to pay for return shipping and then get you the correct item. 

I would like to exchange sizes.

If you received what you ordered, but would like to exchange for the same product in a different size, please contact orders@sheshredsmag.com.  After receiving the product returned intact, we will need to collect money for shipping which can be paid by PayPal, before we can send a replacement item.

Return policy.

If you decide you do not want the product(s) you have purchased and/or received or other reasons other than those stated above, you can return the product(s) to us within 45 days of your purchase for a full refund. You will have to send us additional payment to cover shipping costs.


You are out of my size!

We often do one-time runs of merch and don’t necessarily restock on old items. If we are out, that is most likely the case, but you can always write to orders@sheshredsmag.com to check.


***Please note: We are currently not offering subscriptions at this moment. If you already have a subscription, you will receive issues 19 and 20 as they are released.

I need to update my address:

Please email us at orders@sheshredsmag.com, and include your order # from your purchase confirmation email. If you’re letting us know after the fact and the subscription has already been mailed to the wrong address, we may need to charge shipping for the second attempt at shipping once the magazine has been returned to us by USPS. If we were not updated of your address change and USPS does not return the magazine to us, we will need to ask you to buy a new copy.

Am I still subscribed?

To find out if you're still subscribed, please write to orders@sheshredsmag.com and include your order number. To update your payment or shipping info, or to cancel your subscription, please write orders@sheshredsmag.com.

When are issues released?

Issue 20 will be released in June 2020. We use a bulk mailing service for our subscribers and it can unfortunately take as long as three weeks from the online announce date to receive your magazine when we do our first shipment. 


The latest issue is sold out!

Pro tip: sometimes we reserve a quantity of the latest issue to be sold only with subscriptions, even when the single, a la carte magazine product is sold out. If that issue is not available even via subscription, check our stockist page and you may very well find a copy in a store near you.

I still haven’t received my magazine!

If you’re a brand new subscriber, we will fulfill your order within a week of purchase, after which it will be subject to the shipment time quoted at check out. If you’ve bought a subscription and the latest issue is sold out, you will be included in the bulk shipment when the following issue comes out. In that case, or if you’re a subscriber receiving your second or third issue, we will use a bulk mailing service that can take up to 2-3 weeks from the online announce of the newest issue!

I’m still confused / I have other questions…

We’re happy to help. Feel free to check in with any questions at orders@sheshredsmag.com. Keep in mind we are a small DIY team with part time staff managing the shop and typically bust out customer service responses at the beginning or end of the week.


Are you a distributor, printer, big store, small store, or do you know of one you’d like to recommend? Whether you’re in the United States or elsewhere, please reach out to orders@sheshredsmag.com to stock She Shreds Magazine.